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Barbara Johnson
18th Southeast District Governor

I bring you greetings from Vicksburg, Mississippi as the Governor of the Southeast District of The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc. It is a humbling opportunity to lead such a distinguished group of women toward a better tomorrow!


As we forge ahead into a new season of infinite possibilities,

I am encouraged by your commitment to join me in strengthening our path to greatness, making a genuine difference in the lives of professional women, and burgeoning young leaders in the Southeast District.


Our work leaves an indelible impression on the lives of all those around us. We must use this lasting influence to help communities flourish in the seven states our district serves. Through networking and outreach, the Southeast District commits to fostering purposeful relationships, increasing membership, improving technology skills to enhance social bonds, and remaining faithful to our core values of unity, teamwork, and sisterhood. With this foundation, we will bring a renewed vitality to our district while spreading the power of optimism, knowledge, and wisdom.


With Warm Regards,

Barbara H. Johnson

Southeast District Governor


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